Imagine your great-great-grandchildren

Will They Know you?

“I was thinking about how many people do not know their ancestors, even just a few generations back. How wonderful would it be if we could preserve our memories to live on after we are gone for future generations? With that, was born. We can connect you with the future by sharing memories of the past. We can hep future generations learn and explore the past in order to make better decisions in the present by offering a treasure chest of experiences from real people in the own voice. “

You will never be forgotten…

Our lives are filed with experiences and memories that sculpt who we ultimately become. How did you get to where you are today? What experiences taught you a lesson? What memories make you smile? What were your greatest accomplishments, and your toughest triumphs?

The early years: childhood, adolescence, teenage

What do you remember that made you giggle?

The middle years: your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s

Share your memories!

Remembering the Excellence of life

Did you ever tell your kids how you got to where you are today? Leave a permanent reminder for the future generations of your family tree to know you, love you, and follow in your footsteps.

Video Topics

What should you talk about in your video? Here are some ideas to inspire your legacy footprint!

The Shenanigans of Your Life

What was it like growing up with your family? What kind of trouble did you and your siblings get into?

The teenage years were tricky for everyone, but that also leads to some great stories to share!

What do you remember about your children, nieces, nephews, and grandchildren as they were growing up? What was life like back then? What was significant to you? do you

Your Journey Through The Years

Did you go to college or go straight into the workforce? Would you have done any of it differently? Share your thought process during your time as a young adult.

How did your family get started? How did you meet your spouse? How did you spend your time? What are the highlights of your life that come to mind?

What was it like to watch your family grow and expand? What makes you proud as you look back on your life?

Advice, Wisdom, and Rules to Live By

What did you learn during your experiences raising children? What do you wish you would have known? What would you have changed?

What standards, morals, and values did you hold near and dear to your heart? What things are you proud you held onto throughout the years?

What knowledge to you want to leave behind? What wisdom can you impart on future generations?

Leave a mark on the world with your stories told in your voice.

Our Mission: Bring your legacy to life

Having a central database of video legacies is so important to us. People’s own experiences in their own voice accessible in one location. Friends and loved one’s can go to to listen and see their loved one’s thoughts and messages for all the years to come. Stored forever in our database for easy access, is a home for the living to learn from the past, a place to preserve someone’s true human essence, their thoughts and feelings. No longer will we be relegated to stories and keepsakes passed down from generation to generation. We will awaken our senses to the true meaning of who that person truly was to teach the future generations to come.